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“Mike (Principal Broker) has a lot of knowledge and I felt he was the best person to prepare me for the job. I have learned so much from the trainings he offers each week and he is always available if I have questions. He makes you feel like you are his first priority.”

-Megan Moulton-Levy

Homestead Realty Agents enjoy:

Brokerage licenses in VA / MD / DC
Competitive Commission Plans
Free E&O Insurance
Free sign usage
Free Post Licensing & Continuing Education Courses
No Monthly Fees
Free Comprehensive Training Program
Free Business Cards
Access to office 24/7
Family Atmosphere

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Homestead Realty agent!

Join a team of highly trained individuals who hold themselves to the highest of standards in the real estate industry. It’s easy to get a license, but it’s hard to succeed in real estate without the right guidance and tools. Homestead Realty is committed to the success of each one of our agents and takes pride in training agents to exceed client expectations and be the most knowledgeable professionals amongst their peers.

Ever heard of the 80/20 Rule? In any one given industry, 20% of the workers are responsible for 80% of the work. However in the real estate industry the 95/5 Rule applies. It is a given fact that 5% of Realtors nationwide, do 95% of all transactions. Homestead’s comprehensive training program and broker support gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to compete with the 5 percent. Which percent do you want to be?

With literally 1,000’s of brokerages to choose from in the Northern Virginia area, it can be difficult to find a place to call home. In your search, you’ll find brokerages who offer very attractive commission programs but lack the ability to train their agents to be competitive in an ever-growing sea of agents which begs the question: how much is 100% commission of zero sales volume?

You will also find discount brokerages who encourage their agents to offer reduced commissions for “full service” to potential clients to earn business. You’ve heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”, right? If you are not properly trained and you do not know your own worth, how can you provide full service to someone who is about to endure one of life’s most stressful decision-making processes? You essentially are a “go-fer” and a “show-fer”. It’s no wonder why the perceived value of a Realtor AND their commissions are diminishing.

In the end, you suffer and your clients suffer. Don’t let this happen. Don’t sell yourself short. Join Homestead Realty and learn to earn a reputation as a professional who can confidently provide an outstanding value proposition and full service and earn full commission. You and your future clients are worth it!

If you’re serious about your career in real estate, contact us today for a confidential interview.

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“After getting licensed, I went with two big name Real Estate companies. After two years in the business and not being impressed at all with what they had to offer, I found Homestead Realty. I chose Homestead because I was impressed with the broker’s knowledge of Real Estate and the time he took to help me get started.

Being a Homestead agent means you are constantly being pushed to better your business and always training and learning more about your profession. The training I receive at Homestead has been incomparable to other training I have had elsewhere. It keeps you on your toes and gives you the tools that other companies simply do not know or use.

Coming from two other major real estate companies I can say there are three distinct differences that stand out about Homestead: The knowledge and support of the brokers and their dedication to your success; the training program; and the office environment. We are always having a good time and cracking jokes, keeping the environment light and fun and drama free!

– Jon Byram

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